The best battery

VARTA is a good helper for engines and appliances
The battery maintenance of your vehicle is not at all troublesome, because we always let you know what battery is best for you, so you can feel at ease. Most importantly, you can guarantee that your vehicle will deliver unparalleled performance.
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AGM Start-stop battery

The unparalleled performance of the AGM starter battery is the highest level of experience for starting and stopping private cars.

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EFB start-stop battery

By the starter-level private car, providing a battery with higher performance requirements.

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Silver dynamic

Provides extra power and superior performance, so that each can cope with the most demanding energy needs of a typical private car.

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blue battery

With high quality performance, it can cope with most of the energy demand of ordinary private cars. It is 25% higher than black batteries.

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truck battery

With a very low battery failure rate, high-end stability and long-lasting life, it significantly saves operating costs and is the perfect choice for commercial vehicles.

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yacht battery

As a battery specially designed for the latest yachts, the choice of extremely low battery failure rate, stable and long-lasting life, peace of mind.

How to recognize the real product?

If the product is real, you can easily see the blue QR code sticker on the battery.

Customer can have six months quality guarantee if customer buys AGM battery.

We make things simple


Car manufacturers choose the parts that are best for their car. In addition to quality, automakers are looking for two other things when deciding to use batteries. One is performance and the other is the very low failure rate. These factors are the reasons why automakers choose VARTA batteries.


The history of VARTA ® dates back 125 years. VARTA ® is trusted by major automakers and drivers, and we now find our VARTA ® brand in millions of cars, power boats, motorcycles and RVs worldwide.

Easy to get service

Bring your vehicle to our authorized dealers and experience an exceptional replacement service.

OE quality certificate and process

VARTA has developed more than 100 processes, product parameters and variables, and these processes, product parameters and variables are checked and monitored during the production of different batteries. This makes us the largest battery supplier in the automotive industry.